An NFA Trust is the best method for registering for certain types of weapons called NFA Title II Firearms (sometimes incorrectly referred to as Class III) with the ATF. It streamlines the process of registering these weapons, allows multiple people to handle them, and makes for an orderly transition of ownership of the guns after death. Choose from the 2 options below to create your NFA Trust and take the first step toward NFA ownership.

Basic NFA TrustMost Popular

$ 95.00

One Time FeeCoyote Rifleworks Basic NFA Trust

  • Knowledgeable about NFA Trusts
  • Understand How NFA Trust Works
  • Save Hundreds
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Premium NFA TrustBest Value

$ 169

One Time Fee

  • Help with setting up your NFA Trust
  • Access to a licensed Texas Attorney for Legal Questions & Advice
  • Modify your trust to suit your individual needs.
  • Save you hundreds of dollars
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Additional Trust Options

For Existing Trust Owners

Trust Conversion to 41F

$ 75

One Time Feeconvert-to-41f

ATF-41F became effective July 13, 2016. All “responsible persons” on a trust must now submit photographs and fingerprints on the new Form 23 – Responsible Person Questionnaire when applying for a tax stamp.

Our new 41F friendly version of our NFA Trust allows you to keep all the benefits of having multiple people able to possess your firearms, while making only the creator of the trust the single responsible person as defined by the ATF.

  • Your new version is sent to you right away
  • If you need any additional changes, they can be made at no cost
  • Only the Settlor needs to send in photographs and fingerprints to ATF for a new Form 1 or Form 4
  • Does not effect any previously approved tax stamps under Form 1 or Form 4
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Trust Upgrade

$ 85

One Time Fee

  • Upgrade existing Basic to Premium Trust
  • Prompt Upgrade Delivery
  • Access to Attorney
  • Assistance with NFA Forms
  • Assistance with Amending your Trust
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Trust Change

$ 5

One Time Fee

  • Document Has Not Been Signed
  • Change Existing Trusts
  • Add or Remove People Who Can Access the Firearms
  • Add or Remove Beneficiaries
  • Change your Residence
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