I heard there were recent changes made. What is this all about?

Effective July 13, 2016 every application for an NFA tax stamp submitted using a trust required that all “responsible persons” submit photographs and fingerprints on the new Form 5320.20 and send a notification to the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of your area of your intent to buy or build an NFA item.

A “responsible person” as defined by the ATF, is a member of a trust that either directly or indirectly has the authority to manage or direct the policies of the trust. Many other online trust companies as well as attorneys have sold or drafted documents that cause just about every member of a trust to fall into this category.

We have worked VERY hard to make sure that all the benefits you seek to protect your NFA items and other firearms are kept in place while minimizing the extra paperwork. That is why Coyote Rifleworks is proud to present the only ATF-41F “friendly” trust available! Only you as the creator of the trust will be required to send in your photographs and fingerprints while still allowing for as many other people to handle, use, or transport your firearms as you would like.

All of our existing customers have the ability to convert to the new 41F version through our online store and have the new document emailed in less than 24 hours!

Why should I get an NFA Trust?

An NFA Trust is considered a separate legal entity from an individual – even if you are the one person who is creating the trust. The trust holds the firearms as assets on your behalf, offering several advantages:

  • There are no annual fees or filing fees to create the document
  • You do not need to file your trust with any government agencies in order to have it validated
  • With a trust, you have multiple people who can simultaneously possess the firearms, instead of only a single registered person.
  • There are NO photographs, NO fingerprints, and NO Chief Law Enforcement Officer signature required for non-responsible members.
  • In the event of the death of the creator of the trust, the firearms do not have to be probated, allowing for an orderly transition of your guns to your heirs.

How long does it take to receive my Trust?

You will receive your completed, ready to sign document in your email inbox in less than 24 hours, often within minutes. It depends entirely on how many people are ahead of you in line.

How long does it take to receive my tax stamp?

The best answer to this question is “it depends.”

  • It depends on how quickly you get the signatures for the members of your trust so that you can file your tax stamp application.
  • It depends on how quickly your dealer files the application for your tax stamp. Be sure to ask them, or send in the documents yourself with a tracking number.
  • It depends on how many applications for that particular type of NFA firearm are currently waiting. The NFA branch of the ATF is not a large organization. There are approximately 25 examiners who review over 100,000 applications every year (and growing) in order to approve or deny the applicant. There are several tracking websites where you can trend how long a particular form is taking for a decision.

Do I have to buy a seperate NFA Trust for each item?

No! You may have as many assets on a single trust as you would like. Each NFA item you purchase requires its own stamp, but there are no limits to the number of stamps you may have.

What signatures are required to validate my NFA Trust?

You as the creator of the trust, called the Settlor, the Successor, who distributes any assets owned by the trust upon your death, and any optional Custodians you list who can handle the assets on your NFA Trust must each sign in the presence of 2 witnesses and a notary.

  • Members of the NFA Trust may not be a witness to one another, nor may any member also notarize any signature.
  • Each person may have their pages signed in front of different witnesses and notary and at different times.
  • It is not necessary for everyone to be together in the same place at the same time to sign.
  • It IS necessary to have all the signatures in place before you can use your NFA Trust.

Can I make changes to my NFA Trust?

The Settlor can make changes to the NFA Trust at any time during his or her lifetime.

  • If you haven’t had your NFA Trust signed:
    • You may make any changes you need to your document for only a $5 charge.
    • Simply send an email requesting your changes, pay for the change fee online, and your revised document will be sent out in less than 24 hours.
  • If you’ve already had your NFA Trust signed:
    • Premium NFA Trust members may have us make the changes you require for only $5, or have us send you the templates to make the changes free of charge
    • Basic NFA Trust members must make the changes without assistance, or you may upgrade to the Premium NFA Trust which gives you access to a licensed attorney who can make the changes for you, or you may request the templates to make the changes yourself free of charge.