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Coyote Rifleworks is proud to have helped more than 10,000 people and counting become new NFA owners. Our mission is to get as many people involved as possible, making sure that your 2nd Amendment Right is protected, and that your collection is able to be passed down for generations to come.

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. This was the first time I had set up an NFA trust and I really appreciated you answering all of my questions. Everything was very straightforward and we are moving on to the next step. I highly recommend Coyote Rifleworks to anybody that is considering getting an NFA trust."

− A. Roberts

"Easy and simple!"

− D. Whiting

"Big thanks to Coyote Rifleworks for my trust. I got it the same day and got my tax stamp for my SBR in under 3 months!"

− E. Turvey

"Just wanted to thank you guys for the trust I bought. Totally worth it, got approved with no issues in 98 days. First stamp!"

− J. Symonds

"Just wanted to say thanks to Eric for the help getting my order put together today. It was my first time dealing with you guys and I couldn't have been happier with the help/customer service. I'll recommend you to anyone without hesitation."

− D. Lynch

"The $169 was well worth the trust you guys prepared for me. My family attorney and friend has already looked over the trust and said: "Its damned solid"; in his own words! Believe me, you're getting referrals! Thanks again and I'll be in touch."

− J. Reagan
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Our NFA Trust is endorsed and used by manufacturers of silencers and short barreled firearms, by professional shooters, by hundreds of SOT dealers across every state, and by thousands of people just like you who want to own NFA items.

The document you receive was designed by a highly experienced attorney with decades of experience in estate planning and firearm ownership.


Your trust is a private document, and with rare exception, does not need to be registered or recorded with state or local government offices.

The assets contained in the trust are known only to the trust members and may be changed at any time.


An NFA trust is a legal entity created to specifically address ownership of both Title I (regular handguns, long guns, and shotguns) and Title II NFA firearms. Customers from all 50 states have used this document to protect their firearm assets and keep them in the family for generations to come by avoiding complications of transfers during probate should anything happen to you.

You have the ability to declare multiple persons who can handle the firearms in your absence, and make changes by adding or removing people from your NFA trust at any time during your lifetime.

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